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We know publishing can be confusing and stressful and we understand you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. For over thirty years, Wintertree Press has incorporated our unique five-step, hybrid publishing process to take our authors from visualization through world-wide placement in both online and retail stores. Our process is proven by our award-winning titles, quick turnarounds, and the accolades of others in the publishing business. Our work has won awards for remarkable publishing, including the GobiGTobi Publishing Award, the Moo Children’s Book Award, and the Frank Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association.
Don’t spend another day trying to wade through page after page of confusing online publishers’ add-ons, or dealing with call backs that never materialize from traditional publishing houses. We have streamlined the process. Let our professional team of creative project designers, editors, graphic designers, printers, and distributors turn your words into the professional, quality book you deserve. To find out more, visit our Publishing with Wintertree page now. ​

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About Pip Press.

Founded in 2018, Pip Press is our traditional publishing imprint. Each year we select two books in either fiction or non-fiction to be printed under our Pip imprint. To be considered for publishing through Pip Press, please submit your manuscript through our regular Wintertree Pres submissions page. Unsolicited manuscripts will be considered, no agent required. 

To learn more about the differences between hybrid and traditional publishing, please visit our Types of Publishing page. 

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