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What's Your Story?


1. Creative concept visualization 
Our goal is to bring your vision to life. In this first step, we make sure we’re “on the same page” and work with you to set a plan for your book’s design. New to the world of publishing? No worries. We’ll hold your hand and walk you through it. 

2. Manuscript polishing
Our award-winning editors want you to look your best on paper, from catching any grammar and punctuation errors, to helping with story development and flow, to citing references and obtaining permissions to use direct quotes. They will polish your manuscript to perfection and make you look good in print! 

3. Cover and interior concepts
It’s true: people do judge books by their covers. At Wintertree, we want to be sure you’re proud of your book and that it exceeds your expectations. That’s why each of our books' interiors and covers are custom-designed, utilizing your vision and our expertise. We provide proofs for you to view and approve prior to printing and ensure you love your book’s unique design. 

4. World-wide distribution
At Wintertree, we list all of our books through Ingram, a world-wide distributor. Each book is marked with a “fully-returnable” status, so it’s ready to be picked up by any major retailer or online bookseller. 

5. Author/publisher partnership with Wintertree Press:

An intro to hybrid publishing. 
Most traditional publishers cover the entire cost of publishing, but only accept certain books. In self-publishing, even with the help of online publishing companies, the onus falls on the author to foot the bill. Wintertree is a hybrid publisher, a happy medium between the two. When a book is accepted with Wintertree, we enter into a partnership with the author, providing our expertise; our editing, design, and concept professionals; our thirty-plus years of publishing experience; and our worldwide reach for sales and marketing. In return, all we ask is that our authors contribute their time, talent, and monetary investment to ensure their book is a success. Our authors maintain rights to their books and receive much higher royalties than those who publish with traditional publishers. 

As you prepare for publishing, it’s wise to set aside funds for marketing as well as for your book’s physical publication. For long-term success, we suggest you consult with our marketing team to create a customized marketing plan in conjunction with the launch of your book. The marketing experts at Wintertree Press have the experience and know-how to support you and your book for years to come. 

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