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Traditional Publishing

For authors seeking acceptance of a manuscript by Wintertree Press with all traditional printing, embellishments, and standard advertising provided by most major publishing houses without cost to the author other than out of pocket expenses.   Submissions must meet all editorial requirements. including proofing and basic editing.  Individual services available within Traditional Plus Packets shall all be available as priced within our Resouces pages.  Please note that this is a highly selective packet, and less than 20% of submissions are accepted for publiction.

There are no up-front or submisssion fees ever charged to authors seeking historicly traditional publication.


Traditional+Plus Publishing

The Redwood Packet

For authors intent upon full-time writing careeres, wishing maximum access to effective, affordable advertising and marketing. 


Includes all of Oak Packet

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The Oak Packet

For authors who wish Wintertree to manage book distribution, exposure, and reviews through nationally recognized sources.

Includes all of the Walnut Packet

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The Walnut Packet

For authors wishing professional online advertising and marketing, and through major distributors.


Includes all of Spruce Packet

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The Spruce Packet

For authors contemplating personal marketing, book signings, distribution to libraries, and retail distribution.


Includes all of Sassafras Packet

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The Sassafras Packet

For authors wishing books and jackets upgraded to top standards, and to be able to order quntities and wholesale prices.


Includes all of Dogwood Packet

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The Dogwood Packet

For authors seeking a bare-bones start, the absolute minimum required for authentic publication.


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